We are ONE

Hello Everyone!! I have a sweet and simple message today!! I encourage everyone to keep an open heart and mind as to everything unfolding before our eyes. Pay close attention to everything that’s happening, all you need to do is observe, you don’t have to be out there protesting Sometime we have to step back and look at the bigger picture, and that’s us. We cant afford to be emotional right now, if so they got us right where they want us, fearful and full of anger. FEAR IS USED TO CONTROL!!! WE ARE ALL ONE MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. There is no need for this nonsense, do not participate in these protest. We are doing exactly what they want us to do, act foolish and go against one another. It’s truly time to wake up!!! Its time for us to tap into this Great Spiritual Awakening that’s going on NOW!!! What they are throwing at us is all a DISTRACTION, they don’t want us to tap into our GREATNESS!!! WE hold the true power!!

Love you Always & Forever

Ms. Sarah

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