Choose Happiness

Happiness is a choice, we create our own reality. In doing so you free yourself and help everyone else around you do the same. Happiness is a form of positivity that molds you into a better person. Changing and adapting to a better person is not something that you can just change into, it is something that you must slowly reform yourself into. I mean everyone isn’t all perfect and happy…but like I said it is a choice and everyone has a choice. The whole world can not just be full of happiness, there must be balance like “yin-yang.” Chaos is part of nature. For example what is needed to create a diamond? Heat and Pressure. So just look at your surroundings…life has plenty of real life examples to ask yourself. I’m not saying this to say that I’m perfect or anything but I’m saying it to say that everyone has a choice there is no right or wrong choice it all depends on what you know and your knowledge and view on life. I personally think that the world needs a little positive happiness…..

ps. My 16yr old son Roozani helped me write majority of this and I think he did a fantastic job!

Truly yours

Ms. Sarah

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