Letting Go…..

Today I had to make a decision to let go of all the pain and hurt. I had to let go of all negativity that’s been weighing me down. I had to free myself. I had to say goodbye to toxic situations and people. It was past time that I allowed my mind, body and spirit to be free. Years of holding on, I knew this day would soon come, when I would get fed up. I know it’s my time to spread my wings and fly high on wings of love. Time to be my true authentic self. Not allowing doubt, fear or lack of hold me back. You have to care enough about yourself to know when it’s time to let go. Sometimes you just have to jump and handle the rest later. Time is of the essence the world needs someone just like you and me to lead by positive example, be the bright shinning light we all need. Allow your gifts to flow freely. Allow the old to leave with grace and gratitude. Be free!

Truly Yours

Ms. Sarah

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